Gaining Weight At Home? This Tea Might Help You Cut Down 5kgs A Month!

If you have ended up gaining a few kilos in the lockdown, let me assure you ‘You aren’t alone’. It has been tough for all of us and we have been there. The weight loss journey gets challenging with the best of times and now is not exactly what one would call the best of times. If you are looking for a little assistance in the process, I have the answer for you. Shapen You has the tea that gives you exactly what you are looking for ‘Weight Loss’ without any of the added side effects.

Generally I wouldn’t condone the concept of weight loss teas for various obvious side effects in terms of getting headaches, cramps or putting harmful ingredients into our body. Also often the weight is generally gained back once you stop the routine. And very frankly they don’t even work !! But Shapen You works, having tried it myself a few months back. My own journey with it makes me confident that it would assist you towards sustainable weight loss.

I haven’t gained the lost weight back once I stopped using the tea. I had no headaches or bathroom urgency episodes. The taste of the tea was pleasant, leaving no weird aftertaste in my mouth. In my opinion my favorite thing about Shapen You is that it doesn’t require you to drink about half a dozen teas in a day. Or put you on any specific diet for the duration. One can go about the irregularity of their life, and continue eating your regular food. Though I would highly recommend keeping away from fried food, trust me this becomes so much easier once you start seeing results.  This whole thing is really just as simple as just including a cup of tea in the morning and green coffee at bed time and you are done. 

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