Shiv Sena, Navi Mumbai Offers To Pay For Covid-19 Vaccination For The Underprivileged Elderly & Initiates A Data Collection Drive

The world has been battling Covid-19 outbreak for over a year. However, finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel as India is kicking off a pan-India coronavirus vaccination drive.

Paying tribute to frontline workers, they have been put as a priority to receive the vaccine followed by senior citizens.

To speed up the process Kishor Patkar – Vice president, Shiv Sena Navi Mumbai, initiated a drive to collect data of senior citizens in Navi Mumbai which will then be submitted to the concerned health department.

He said, “The local health department will need the data of senior citizens to start the vaccination drive; with the motive to save time I have already started collecting the data and submitting it to the concerned department.”

He also added that he will extend his support to all senior citizens by paying for those who can’t afford the vaccine if the vaccine is not free of cost.

A health official said, “We really appreciate Kishor Patkar’s help in the data collection drive. If other social activists similarly support the drive it will be a great relief to the currently over-burdened health department.”

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