Does Shapen You – Weight Loss Tea Really Work? Our Team Tried It And Here’s The Verdict

As a publisher in health and nutrition, we often conduct focus groups for launches of new products in this segment. One such product that we reviewed is Shapen You weight loss tea. It is a bundle product containing 28 days -morning detox tea and evening Metaboost coffee. We created a focus group of 10 people who tried this product before we got their reviews to conclude them to draw a conclusion about them. Overall all of them reported varying degrees of weight loss with some additional health benefits. 

Our participants did not alter their diet or suddenly started exercising. They only abstained from consuming oily food. They belonged to an age of 20 to 36 years of age. Most of them had a stationary job or were housewives. 7 of our participants lost a total of 5 Kgs and 3 of our participants lost a total of 4 kilos over the duration of a month. None of them complained of any side effects on the consumption of the tea over the period of one month. Additional benefits that the group reported were clearer skin, reducing bloating; almost all of them reported feeling lighter after consumption of the tea. 

As a publisher, we came across this so we ordered it and tried it with 10 people out of which 7 lost 5kgs+ and 3 lost 3kgs+, so we decided to write Shapen You 28 Days Slim Blend Review.

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