Perfect Christmas Card Doesn’t Ex…

Howdy, everyone? Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Today’s story is about someone who loves to photobomb and you’d surprised to know when you find out who it is. For those of you who don’t know what photobombing is, it is the act of purposefully putting yourself into the view of a picture being taken, usually for no other reason than to just amuse yourself, really is.

It doesn’t matter if it’s you doing the photobombing, or you are being the victim of photobombing, it’s always fun to have a glance at a photobombed picture, and today, we found out that some dogs are into photobombing as well. We can’t say for sure if other dogs also do this but surely this one is a master of photobombing. This dog just wants to be a part of everything and it’s sure as hell so much fun to see this. Maybe she just wants to mess with the owner or maybe wants to be famous on the internet (haha). Well, in either case, these hilarious pictures went viral on the internet.

Meet Penny, the coonhound, the photo bomber who’s been making rounds on the internet

Meet Penny, an absolutely cute coonhound from Brockton, Massachusetts, who’s now living together with Deanna Greenstein, and her family.

“We adopted Penny from the Northeast Animal Shelter in April of 2019, a few months after our beloved Boston Terrier Henry passed away from old age. Penny had been found in a box next to a dumpster in Georgia with 11 other puppies, and they were transported to Massachusetts to find homes,”

– Deanna

So, this is where all started when Deanna and family wanted a family picture together for the Christmas card like every year but Penny just wouldn’t cooperate. Check out some picture to find out what we are talking about:

So, they decided to put her out of the family picture but that didn’t work out either. Penny kept on photobombing and made sure she spoils every picture taken, but that kinda turned out hilarious.

..And finally after a few takes, this is what the family came up with.

Merry Woofmas and a Happy New Year to you too.

Do let us know what do you think about this story in comments. Happy holidays! 🙂

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