If You Don’t Have Sexy Beach Body Pictures To Send, Try This. It’s Sexier!!!

We are in 2020 and a world of Social Media and all we have to impress others is our Instagram/Facebook pictures. Some people show it off with their expensive luxury cars, some people show it with their perfect beach body and in the chaos of social media likes war, everyone has forgotten about the sexiest thing a man can do to impress women.

If you are a woman reading this post, hang in tight, you are about to fall in love.

So, this is where it all started when Corey Peters, from Rehobeth, Alabama decided to share his insights on what “sexy” means by posting some really satisfying pictures on his Facebook, and no he did not post pictures of his expensive cars or his perfect beach body but he did something any woman would their boyfriend/husband to do.


Meet Corey Peters, who posted selfies to redefine what “sexy” truly means. This is how we show off our skills.

I personally believe that any woman would appreciate his man sending her a picture of clean and arranged dishes than his —– ah never mind. You get an idea.

“After being with a woman for 7 years, I promise you there ain’t nothing sexier than sending her some pictures like this”

– Words by Corey Peters

Roughly 80% of the entire mess in the house is caused by kids and if you think having kids is easy, try cleaning out their room for once, but no better satisfaction when everything is neat and clean.

This feeling you get when you are almost about to be done cleaning the house. Nothing better than sending a kiss picture to your girlfriend/wife with a clean and arranged bed.

These pictures got 96k reactions with over 98k comments and 420k shares on Facebook redefining “Sexy” all over again.

No matter how messy the place actually is, it’s for you to decide what to do with it, let it stay on the floor, bed or you arrange it the way they are supposed to be arranged: toys, drawing supplies, children’s books, and a mattress scattered on the floor, a glob of clothing on an unmade bed, laundry needing attention, dishes needing to be washed, things needing some dusting, and so on.

Although the satisfaction you get after cleaning the mess out is 100%.

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