Brother Creates A Prom Dress For His Sister Because Their Parents Couldn’t Afford One

Siblings are put on this Earth to entertain, to annoy, and to love each other as no one else can.

Here’s a short story on how a brother created a prom dress for his sister because their parents couldn’t afford to buy or even rent their daughter a ball gown which left no choice for the Maverick Francisco Oyao to step up and do something unbelievable beautiful for his sister. No brother wants to see his sister sad for any reason and this is exactly what happened here.

It seemed like a big task for Maverick but he handled it pretty well by figuring out and arranging affordable materials from the market but since this seemed something next to impossible, he dropped this idea, but the sadness in his sister’s eyes motivated him to give it another shot and make it worthwhile for her for the rest of her life. He surfed the internet for different types of options and after a thorough search, came across Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collection where he found the very dress he decided to create with his own hands. Let’s figure out how it was all done:

They say “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” and this is where the process of this creating this beautiful dress began.

This is when Maverick was motivated enough and he cut out 9 pieces of blue fabric, decorated them with a satin ribbon, and sewed them all together to make a skirt.

Now things seemed to fall in place, and Maverick started to feel confident about his creation. Roughly, 50% of the work was done but there was a lot more there left to be done. Although, they had to try it outside, as there wasn’t enough place to fit this dress indoors.

It was time to add some flower details.

..And then Maverick’s innovation came handy and he painted an ombré blue bodice to fit in with the colour pallet of the lower part of the dress. This is when things started to work out well.

..And this is where you see the hard work and sleepless nights paying off.


The day she will never forget in her entire life. This is what true sibling love looks like. The smile on his sister’s face says it all.

What do you think about this beautiful dress and this unbelievable cute sibling love? Do tell us in comments! 🙂

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