This Short Story Of A Shelter Dog Called ‘Take Me Home’ Will Leave You Teary Eyed!


Like they say, home is where the dog is.


But not every dog is fortunate enough to have a home.


Anyone who loves animals and dogs to precise will know how it feels to be loved unconditionally. Here’s a story of a dog that is waiting for his human to give out some unconditional doggy love. He is a beagle puppy waiting to get adopted and he sees hope in the form of a little girl in front of him.


He tries his best to gain her attention and convince the little girl to take him home and how he does it will definitely leave you teary eyed. Here you go:


And she did take him home! (Wiping off tears of joy)

"Take Me Home" is an animated short film created and directed by Nair Archawattana, with a collaboration of talented students at Academy of Arts University.