Couple Who Quit Their Job To Travel The World Is Now Scrubbing Toilets To Make Ends Meet!


Our news feed is filled with posts of people travelling and exploring some part of the world constantly. While we get jealous and keep adding places to our #TravelGoals, what we don’t take into consideration is what goes behind all of it.


Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger from Johannesburg, South Africa and they quit a job at advertising to travel around the globe together. Although their social media posts look perfect, they have come forward and shared what goes behind all of it on their blog and it is pretty brutal. 



“After being gone exactly 6 months, I feel it necessary we share the uglier side of our trip. Browsing through our blog posts and Instagram feed, it seems like we’re having the time of our lives. And don’t get me wrong – we are. It’s bloody amazing. But it’s not all ice-creams in the sun and pretty landscapes. Noooooo.


So far, I think we’ve tallied 135 toilets scrubbed, 250 kilos of cow dung spread, 2 tons of rocks shovelled, 60 metres of pathway laid, 57 beds made, and I cannot even remember how many wine glasses we’ve polished."



"You see, to come from the luxuries we left behind in Johannesburg, to the brutal truth of volunteer work, we are now on the opposite end of the scale. We’re toilet cleaners, dog poop scoopers, grocery store merchandisers, and rock shovelers.


It’s painstakingly hard and dirty work.


And although the last few months have been the most rewarding, they’ve also been some of the dirtiest and smelliest, and we’ve had to adapt with the least amount of necessities and food (and not because we’re on some crazy crash diet)."



"The budget is really tight, and we are definitely forced to use creativity (and small pep talks) to solve most of our problems (and the mild crying fits).


So don’t let the bank of gorgeous photography fool you.


Nuh uh. I am not at my fittest, slimmest or physically healthiest. We eat jam on crackers most days, get roughly 5hrs of sleep per night, and lug our extremely heavy bags through cobbled streets at 1am, trying to find our accommodation (because bus fares are not part of the budget, obviously).”



We hope this reality check will help you set your priorities right.