Letter To My Parents Who Are Watching Over Me From Heaven


Dear Mom and Dad,


How are you? I hope you're both doing fine. When I think about you both, your love, I feel so bad for death, how hard it tried and yet failed miserably to keep you guys apart. In the end it was forced to unite you. I am happy that you guys are together again, so what if in heaven.


I'm sure you're wondering why I am writing to you today. I want you to know its because I have been longing to tell you both that how much I really miss you.


Life hasn't been easy for me since the day you left. There were times when I didn’t feel like doing anything, i was simply drowning in my sorrows; so much that I didn't want to continue living just because that way, I could come to you both.


Tears kept streaming down my face and  there was nothing i could do except cursing my destiny for taking you both away from me so soon. 


My heart heaved with burden and there was no one I could share my feelings with, no shoulder to lean on and call someone my own. My purpose in this world seemed futile and everyone seemed a stranger.


But as they say, time has the power to heal all wounds.


And I still remember what you always told me,


“Not all days are same. Just because we are having bad days, it doesn’t mean that they're gonna be forever. The sun will shine on  us someday”.


And Maa, I guess, the sun is starting to shine on me. Your daughter is now basking in its light without fear of getting lost.


I know cannot turn back time and bring you guys back but I know I can fulfill the dreams you both had envisioned for me.


You both, I know how you always wanted me to prosper and spread my light in the world so that one day you could proudly announce to every one that i am your daughter. The child who against all odds, made her way to the top.


I want to let you know that you no longer have to worry about me. Your daughter is now a grown up, molded by situations that have only made her stronger and more matured than anyone her age. This maturity has brought a sense of optimism in me and as given me the strength to chase my dreams. I have learned to survive. I have become a fighter.


Today I am all set to embark on this new journey where I will not only chase my dreams but also come out with flying colors, because i know that you are always there for me when i need you. 


All I need are just your blessings. Hope for me from wherever you are, that's all i want now. 

And you both be happy too, OK? Don’t you fight with each other. I am not there to sort your childlike quarrels anymore. 


Keep an eye on me from time to time. We shall meet someday, when I have accomplished all you want for me. And when that happens, our home will be complete again and we will live as a family forever.


Until then,

Lots of love,

Your little star.