No, It’s Not The Western Culture But Your Orthodox Mindset!


A debate has been going from the past decade that western culture is destroying the traditional values of our nation. Not just that, but everything wrong that is happening in our country is being blamed on western culture.


Well, it is the only easy way out, isn’t it? But what I don’t understand is that if your traditional values were so strong, then how was western culture able to influence it in such a negative manner? Ever thought about that or not?


Of course, you didn’t because you are blinded by the delusion that western culture is the only reason why so much of chaos is happening around us. Guess what? You’re wrong!


In my opinion, the western culture hasn’t influenced the people of our country at all. Because if it did, we wouldn’t have been dealing with the crimes that are still associated with the orthodox and narrow mindset of our people.


Yes, you heard me right and call me whatever you want but it’s not western culture but your orthodox mindset which is making so many of us suffer. Especially, the women. 



We have been told in our country since ages that a girl who wears short clothes is available, the one who is out at night alone can be harmed, the one who works late night shifts is doing something wrong and the one who doesn’t live with her family has character issues.


All these things and many more are being told to the guys since childhood and I don’t think none of them are told to anyone in western countries. So, when you say western culture is destroying this country, you really are wrong.



There are still a lot of families where boys are told that they hold power above girls and they are the superior ones. For me, the guys who learn the theory of being superior are the ones who commit horrendous crimes on women because only they have the audacity to believe that a girl can be treated in that manner.


If ever, you taught men the right kind of values, we wouldn’t have been in this situation.



I am not saying that rapes and crimes don’t happen in western countries, but what I know is that the scenarios are completely different there and the reasons that we are given here for the crimes are exactly opposite.


We never blame the guy for raping a woman, we don’t teach our boys to respect women and we never take strict actions when something happens. And if that is something you call ‘traditional values’, then I believe that we will be better off with western culture than this.