A Letter For All Those People Who Blame A Girl’s Dress For Rape


Hi there,

To be honest, I would never like to see a person like you or even talk to someone with your kind of thinking. But unfortunately, someone has to tell you the things that nobody has ever told. So, here I am, talking on behalf of a million girls whose life is getting spoiled everyday here or there by the likes of you.


Coming to the point, I just heard you talking about the causes of rape. While I was waiting for something sensible to enlighten me, I came across the only reason you had and that was the clothes that girls wear. WOW! Fabulous!


But can you tell me what dress code we all need to follow so that the perverts like you don’t harass us in any way? Because to be honest, we have ran out of all options.



You say my clothes are provoking and the ants will swarm where there is sweet, so tell me which dress of mine will act as an ant-repellent cream?


The last time I checked, a girl walking on a busy street in Burqa told me that a guy pinched her butt. The women who wears a traditional saree but nothing else and is almost of the age of my grandmother got raped. The 6-year-old who doesn’t even have the body parts to expose, got kidnapped, raped and murdered. The girl who never left home with a full cover and eyes looking at her feet, just got raped in her own house.


There’s been a thousand cases and the dress they wore were all different, so tell me are we lacking on something? Is it that whatever a woman wears seem provocative to you guys? If yes, then please tell me as I have been dying to know that what I need to wear to make sure that the guys will mind their own business, instead of taking wild guesses on my sexual availability.



It’s easy for you to say that my dress was short and the guy excitedly raped me, because who cares what the real reason is, right? The country got freedom in 1947, but the girls are still struggling every day to live in a society where they are in a danger zone no matter what time or place it is.


We can’t go out at night, wear short clothes or even talk too much in front of strangers because apparently, it all excites the hormones of a guy and he might rape me, huh. You have been blaming a woman’s dress since the day we are fighting against rape and you are doing it because you don’t have the guts to fight against it. So, the least you can do is blame the victim itself and a get immunity, right?


Well, you didn’t think twice before blaming her dress for having a provocative nature, but you forgot to mention what exactly she should be wearing to stay safe. So, next time when you blame one particular dress for rape, please come with an alternative.



The girl in short dress!