A Heart-Breaking Letter For All Those Who Harm Innocent Animals



Hi there,


Hope you are doing well and of course, you are because you have a mouth to speak, two hands to do all your work and two legs that take you to places. Above all, you have a brain that you can use to protect yourselves and help others.


But have you ever thought of those innocent animals who just have an innocent heart that knows how to love you and nothing else?


Well, you don’t pay heed, right? Because the moment an animal comes in front of you, it makes you feel like you own them and you can harm them the way you want to. Now, just give me one reason that will make me believe what you do is right and is totally acceptable. Don’t bother, as there’s none! 



There are different explanations that people give while harming animals and believe me, most of them are just insane. Some say it was annoying them, some say that they don’t like them around and some people just can’t find anything to have fun with so they bully an innocent animal. Now, in all those cases I just don’t understand why you need to harm it in the first place. Yes, they could be annoying or you might feel weird around them, but that doesn’t give you a right to harm them.


I don’t know if someone told you or not, but you really don’t own them.



Harming animals in any way and then trying to justify it is nowhere right until and unless that animal harmed you too. You can kill a tiger if it attacks you in woods, but you can’t go on the streets and kick poor stray dogs and cats who don’t even do anything to you. And when they do, you can simply report it to an animal shelter or an NGO instead of taking the matter in your hands and trying to hurt those animals.


Let me remind you once again that you don’t own them just the way you don’t own any random person out on the streets.


Yeah, you can try to hurt those animals once they are as capable of fighting and thinking as you are. There’s a thing called humanity and if that exists somewhere inside you, I am sure you will understand why harming innocent animals isn’t going to do any good.


With Love,

An Animal Lover