If He Can’t Make You His Priority, He Doesn’t Deserve Your Time.


Hey Gorgeous.

Hope you’re doing well today.


Let me tell you something that I believe you NEED to know right now – you deserve to be loved and valued for the person you are. It’s never a good idea to settle for something lesser than you deserve, regardless of the circumstances life puts you in.


And if you think that the best you could possible do involves being with a person who can’t even make you his priority, then think again, for there is someone out there who will treat you like you’re his centre of the universe and, sooner rather than later, you will find him. 




It is only human to expect your man to be there for you when you are down and out, to be a part of your celebrations, to make you feel loved (especially on those special occasions like a birthday or an anniversary), to stand up for you when need be. And to, sum it all up, be the man that his woman deserves when she gave him the best of her.


So, if he leaves you second-guessing and doesn’t make you his priority, when he makes you feel like you don’t even matter to him, it’s time for you let him go, for there is the whole world out there who is ready to celebrate the woman you are and life is too short to put up with unrequited love.




Why would a woman want a man in her life who only sees her as an option and who doesn’t treat her like she matters to him? Well, it’s pretty obvious that he really doesn’t love you to begin with, so be courageous enough to walk away, for he is only wasting your time.


Instead, invest in a man who won’t be scared to show you off in front of his friends, who will value you for who you are and who will be your rock come hell or high water.




Someone had once rightly said, “If you have to force it, leave it. Ponytails, yoga poses, relationships - let that shit go.”


Love is one emotion that isn’t forced and why would you want to do that to yourself anyway? Forcing someone to love you? You deserve so much more! Love yourself enough to walk away from whatever drains you or doesn’t help you blossom.


Believe me, love is not overrated and the mad, crazy, deep and soul stirring love we see in the movies does exist.


So be patient enough to wait for the one who will make you believe in the beauty of love and will make your world a happier place, for you deserve the exact same love that you have for him.