Radhe Maa Is All Set To Entertain Us In Her Upcoming Web Series!



We don’t have any good ongoing web series and life has become pretty boring these days... We are so done with Baba Ramdev and Sofia Hayat and need some change. So here is the change, good things are just round the corner and we can’t wait for it.


Guess who is having a web series now? It’s none another than our very own Radhe Maa!




Yes, you read that right! Radhe Maa is all set to make her acting debut in a web series that has a pretty interesting name.


‘No Casting No Couch Only Ouch?’ is the name of the series where Radhe Maa will be playing herself. Radhe Maa plays the role of messenger of the god. The producer of the web series, Ramman Handa is in all praise for Radhe Maa and claimed that she is apt for the show. He further mentioned that Radhe Maa was spontaneous and co-operative. The shoot will happen in Radhe Maa’s opulent bungalows.



She is making a grand come back and internet is already flooding.


Well, this web series is surely going to tickle our funny bones and we are already excited for it, aren’t you?