The Second Trailer Of Baywatch Is Out And Priyanka Chopra Looks Like A Badass Villain In It!


Baywatch’s first trailer had created ‘waves’ of excitement in its fans with that splendid chemistry between Zac Efron and ‘Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, their hot bodies and all that comic relief.


But for us Priyanka Chopra fans it was quite unsatisfactory because we couldn’t catch her in the trailer at all! (one glimpse doesn’t count, OK?)


But worry not because Zero Media just released a second trailer and you can see Priyanka playing her suave but bad-ass self as Victoria Leeds for more than just a few glimpses.


Though we are still longing for more, I’m optimistic enough to think that they are building up some suspense!


PS: Priyanka appears somewhere in the middle of the trailer. I’m informing you this because I don’t want you to miss seeing her because you got distracted by the crazy abs of Zac and The Rock!


Watch the trailer here:



Excited enough?