A Letter From An Introvert Friend To His Extrovert BFF


Dear Best Friend,

You obviously know me, but had I not been your bestie, I probably would have been the last person that you’d want to interact with. In fact, it’s no less than a miracle that we ended up becoming best friends, as we could not have been any more different in personality or nature. But despite all of our differences, somehow we found each other and honestly, I’m all the better for it. But there are a few things I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, and as it happens, I believe the best way of doing so is by writing this letter, so here goes. 



Until now, I couldn’t be completely honest with you vis-à-vis all those times I couldn’t make it to your parties, why I didn’t want you to set me up with your hotshot friends at college, why my PJs were always more appealing than your ripped denims and cocktail dresses and why I preferred baking and enjoying a chocolate cake all-by-myself with Harry Potter movies over your text-invitations to pool parties and live concerts. It just doesn’t feel right to call you my best friend and keep the ‘real’ me in hiding. After all, you too deserve to know me, the real me, the introvert me.



I still remember that day when we first met in college and how I wanted to fold my insecurities inwards and become one of those social butterflies on campus, one who is known and loved by everyone. Maybe that’s why we became friends in the first place? Anyway, it was only when we were graduating from college (and after we had completed two years of being BFF’s) that I came to a grim realization – I was not being my authentic self.


Not that being an extrovert like you is in anyway bad, it’s just that that wasn’t who I was or wanted to be. For instance, I’d love staring at frames by Klimt and Picasso at galleries and exhibitions, instead of dealing with one of our friends throwing up five times after taking just three shots of vodka and cranberry juice. Speaking of vodka, I also want you to know that I don’t like drinking. AT ALL. I know this would probably come as a shock to you, but all the jugs of beer I chugged down were only consumed because I was trying my best to fit in and because I didn’t want to let you down in front of our other homies.



In closing, I’d just like to let you know one important thing – I love you for who you are. I love that you are as extroverted as you are and that somehow, you ended up becoming besties with an introvert like me (even if you weren’t fully aware that I was an introvert).


Maybe after reading this, we could stay back at home and enjoy some of our evenings my way – baking/cooking, gulping down glasses of wine (the ONLY alcohol I don’t mind having) and binge watch episodes of Friends (and having our never-ending argument about it being better than HIMYM or not). I am actually thankful that we are so different - I just wanted you to know the side of me, one that I have spent the last few years trying to hide.


With love,

Your Introverted BFF