A Farewell Letter To All My Friends Who Are Now Going In Different Directions

Hi there,

Hope you’re all doing well today?


I’m writing this letter today, not just because I miss you all a lot (which I really do), but also because I feel like I’m seeing you all grow up and mature right in front of my eyes, seeing you all get ready to take whatever life’s about to throw at you head-on and seeing you all going in different directions. 




After having spent so many years together, including indulging in crazy antics that only we could have come up with (the less said about those, the better), it’s a little bittersweet to see that all of us are going to be heading our own separate ways.


But while it’s definitely sad that we won’t be spending as much time with each other as we used to, I can’t wait to see all of us achieve the goals and dreams that we’ve been harboring for so long.




I still remember how we all used to be during our school and college days. We were those wide-eyed kids, with dreams in their eyes and raging ambition in our hearts, who had decided that we’ll be ruling the world. Now with those days behind us, it’s funny how a part of me wishes that we could go back to that time, simply because that’d mean reliving all those days with each other all over again.


But at the same time, I’m just as excited and eager to see us all go on our separate journeys and see what life has to throw at us.


I can’t wait to see the advancements you all make in your careers, the people you finally decide to spend the rest of your lives with (not to mention, the epic craziness that will be all of your weddings) and last, but certainly not the least, I can’t wait to see all of your children.




Finally, I’d just like to end this letter by saying that, while all of us may be headed our separate ways, and while we might be scared and nervous about what’s to come, we’ll ALWAYS have each other’s backs, no matter what.


Years from now, wherever we are and whatever the situation may be, we’ll always be there for each other. After all, that’s a role we’ll never stop playing in each other’s lives.


With love,


Your friend for life.